MD Federal Court

Elita C. Amato practices in both Greenbelt and Baltimore Federal Court houses.  She has tried to a jury, multi-co-defendant drug cases, white collar fraud and Ponzi scheme offenses, as well RICO gang cases before the Maryland federal courts.  She has represented more than 60 individuals before the Maryland Federal Courts.  Importantly, Ms. Amato is familiar with the ins and outs of Federal practice before the Maryland Court system including the prosecution discovery evidence agreements and plea negotiations procedures.   She closely follows the ever-evolving case law pertaining to which crimes are considered “violent crimes” for purposes of criminal history calculations and the statutory sentencing framework.  She works tirelessly to find the most advantageous arguments to present at all stages of a case.

Ms. Amato also practices before the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals handling cases on appeal from the federal district courts of Baltimore and Greenbelt.

Ms. Amato was quoted in the following news sources:

“Elita Amato said her client’s background made him a ‘perfect target’ for MS-13 indoctrination.  ‘He was lonely,’ Amato said, adding that the gang filled a void when he had no one to ‘teach him right from wrong.'”  Associated Press, 2/21/2020

Jacome’s attorney, Elita C. Amato, noted that witnesses in the case have not testified under oath or been subjected to cross examination.”
Washington Post, 4/26/2018

Practice Areas:

White Collar Matters

  • Bribery
  • Bank Fraud
  • Mail Fraud
  • Mortgage Fraud
  • Tax Fraud
  • Money Laundering
  • Ponzi Scheme

False Statements

  • Impersonating a Law Enforcement Officer
  • Identity Theft

Lacey Act Violations
Conspiracy charges
Hobbes Act Robberies
Car Jackings
RICO/gang offenses

  • homicides
  • extortions


Illegal Re-entry cases

  • Visa Fraud

Drug Offenses
Drug Importation Cases
Witness Tampering
Obstruction of Justice Offenses

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